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How to Handle Disputes Between Tenants

Handling Disputes

As a landlord, a tenant may turn to you if they have a dispute with their neighbor. Such disputes can turn into ugly fights and accusations if you don’t handle them properly. The following are some helpful tips you can use to handle tenant disputes. Understand and Acknowledge the Report The first thing you should…

How a Property Manager Can Save You Money

Although you have to pay a property management company to handle your property investment, the fee is a wise investment. You can make more money or avoid losses if you let a property management company handle your rental property than if you do it alone. Below are some of the ways a property management company…

Renting to Friends or Family? How to Make It Work

Whether you have a short-term vacation rental or a long-term unit, there is always the possibility that a friend or relative will ask if they can move in as a tenant. This is a tricky situation both for landlords and prospective renters. It’s fraught with potential trouble in your relationship as well as financial pitfalls….

Security Deposit Laws in the State of Washington

Security Deposit Laws

Security Deposit Laws in the State of Washington Security deposits are essentially a form of financial insurance for the property owner, but tenants do expect this money back at the end of their lease. Tensions can run high when disputes about security deposits come up, and you will need to know where you stand legally.  Take…

Landscaping Tips for Landlords

Landscaping Tips for Landlords

Landscaping Tips for Landlords with Rental Properties Rental homes have very specific landscaping needs. The best landscaping for a rental home is easy to maintain, requires (at most) upkeep only twice per month, and it will continue to look good even if the tenant is not diligent about lawn care. If you’re a landlord with…

Boundaries With Tenants

Smart Strategies for Setting Healthy Boundaries With Tenants Renting your home can be a very smart way to get consistent, additional income from your real estate investment. However, when people first start renting out their home, they often make the mistake of trying to become too close with tenants. Consider these smart strategies for developing…

Pre-Rental Checklist

Pre-Rental Landlord Checklist

Pre-Rental Landlord Checklist You’ve shown the apartment dozens of times and have finally found the ideal renter. Whether this is your first rental or you’re a seasoned landlord, creating a comprehensive pre-move-in checklist can save you time, money, and aggravation. Take a look at the steps you need to take before your tenant moves in….

Communicate With Tenants

Property Management

Retain Good Renters: A Landlord’s Guide to Communicating With Tenants Tenant retention is an essential part of keeping your rental property profitable. However, the reasons why good tenants leave can sometimes hinge on how well a property is managed and how specific issues are handled. You can keep good tenants by taking tenant communication seriously….

4 Ways to Make Being a Landlord Easier

Do you remember the last time you rented an apartment? If you were like most tenants, you probably ran into your fair share of issues with the home you were staying in, ranging from trouble with the dishwasher to questions about pet ownership. Landlords across the globe struggle with the time-intensive nature of managing properties,…

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