Caliber Software and TransitionWe are excited to announce that we have transitioned to CALIBER SOFTWARE and have a partnership with Alliance Association Bank. These two companies are the top of the line in our industry, creating real time solutions and answers to all of our community communication and banking needs. We will be re-sending new coupons for June’s payments that instruct our partners where and how to send their payments in now and going forward. The COVID-19 lock down showed us that there are more efficient ways to handle your payments and we are adapting in real time to more online payment options that are fast, safe and hit your ledgers in real time. We will still have ACH auto withdrawal available for no charge through Alliance Association Bank, as well as other online payment choices for you.

This exciting change allows us to offer OWNER and BOARD Portals, at no cost to our communities! These portals allow a home owner to make an online payment, check a status of the account, obtain and review documents such as rules and minutes from meetings, make maintenance requests as well as communicate with their community manager directly. We have been sending out email and written communication about this transition, but wanted to answer some frequently asked questions here for your convenience.

For video tutorials on logging in, creating an account and setting up direct deposit, please visit the HOA Dues page.


Please check your spam/junk mail folder.  Especially if you are using a Gmail account, for Gmail is notorious for marking automated emails as junk.

Starting June 1st, please mail your physical  checks and coupons to:

Name of Your Association

c/o MacPherson’s Payment Processing Center
PO Box 95756
Las Vegas, NV 89193 – 5756

Please include your name and address.  Additionally, new coupons have been issued for your use. In that mailing includes envelopes with the new address on it.   They also have your account number registered and a barcode that assure our new system processes every single one quickly, correctly and securely.

For the Month of June, we will still accept checks mailed to us at the old Address and process them in building as we have since 1995.   Starting in July 2020, a payment sent to us will mailed/forwarded to Las Vegas and may delay the posting.  We strongly encourage everyone who is capable to use the online ACH or E-check feature as this is the fastest, safest and most efficient way to pay your dues on time, going forward.

Las Vegas is the most disaster proof place in the United States.  They do not have fires, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes etc.  This allows for the least opportunity for disruption in payment processing.  Additionally, utilizing this secure facility allows for processing of your payment much faster as it is all automated.

Because once it is input into our system, for security reasons, we can no longer see the full account number and we shred their information once it has input.  These practices are to protect the security of your banking information.  Through the portal, you will be asked to resubmit your bank and routing number one more time.  We are sorry if this causes the inconvenience.  However, once input into the secure portal,  the information is set and you will not have to do it again.  Further, if you change banks, the portal provides a fast and secure way to change information in real time.

No.  Currently we initiate that sequence of your payment.   Getting set up on the new system with Alliance Association Bank will only need to happen once,  and they will proceed with the drawing of the funds, just like normal on your end.

Yes, there is a fee if you pay by credit card.  It cannot be quoted, but we believe it is about 3% based upon the amount you are paying.  There is no FEE For e-check or ACH direct deposit.   If you are going to pay by debit card, you should use the e-check feature that does not charge a fee.  Do not use the debit card with the credit card feature unless you want to pay a fee.

That is ok.  We are still here to help if you call the office 425-747-5900  or mail payments, if it just a faster response in real time using the portal.  We have continued to process all your payments as soon as we get them, but given the state lock down, are doing it with far less people in the building.    We just want you to be aware of the new system we are implementing to make the management of your communities even better, more efficient, secure and seamless.   We truly are honored to be your Community Management partner and feel that these new tools will help us be even better.


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